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Leaf Twig Thorn Razor Kit

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Leaf Twig Thorn Razor Kit

The Leaf Twig Thorn Razor Kit comes with all the accessories to get you started on your plastic free, sustainable shaving journey. The Leaf Twig thorn is a classic single blade safety razor. Sustainable, plastic free, beautiful and modern razor for both men and women. The safety razor, re-imagined! 

Designed to be easy to use, the Twig Razor single-edge delivers a smooth shave that is better for the environment. Tight spots, intimate or concave areas are made easy to shave with the small safety razor head. Unlike a normal DE razor the Twig doesn't have another blade edge hanging out the back - making it far safer and easier to use. The Twig Thorn is the more 'aggressive' version for thicker or courser hair and ultra close shaves.

The Twig Thorn Razor is made for anybody, anywhere - head, face, underarms or legs.

  • Intuitive blade angle
  • Back-weighted handle
  • Magnetic load assist
  • Twist to open loading
  • Works with any standard safety razor blades.

What is in the Leaf Twig Thorn Razor Kit?

  • The Leaf single edge twig thorn razor (including a pack of 5 blades)
  • Leaf single edge stand
  • Pack of 50 single edge blades
  • Blade recycling tin

Who uses the Leaf Twig Thorn Razor? 

  • Face shaving - Yes! With a head half the size of any standard safety razor, and smaller than the triple blade Leaf razor, you can reach tight places with ease.
  • If you are shaving your body, such as legs or armpits most folks choose the triple blade Leaf razor
  • Head shavers gravitate towards the triple blade Leaf razor

Leaf Shave

Leaf shave have re-invented wet shaving! With people turning away from plastic, Leaf have produced a razor and accessories that allows you to love and enjoy your razor while taking an environmentally friendly stance towards wet shaving.

Want to know more about Leaf? Check out our Undercover with Leaf Shave Blog! 

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