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Leaf Shave Twig Razor

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Leaf Shave Twig Razor 

Leaf Shave Twig Razor is a sustainable plastic free, beautiful and modern razor for both men and women. The classic safety razor, re-imagined! 

Designed to be easy to use, the Twig Razor delivers a smooth shave that is better for the environment. Tight spots, intimate or concave areas are made easy to shave with the small safety razor head. Unlike a normal DE razor the Twig doesn't have another blade edge hanging out the back - making it far safer and easier to use.

The Twig Razor is made for anybody, anywhere - head, face, underarms or legs. You can start shaving straight away as the Leaf Twig razor comes with 5 leaf single edge blades.

Available in 7 beautiful finishes - Black, Chrome, Gold, Mercury, Prism, Rose Gold & Silver. 

A matching Twig Razor Stand and Leaf Blade Bank is also available.

If you are a seasoned wet shaver and regularly use safety razors, why not try the Leaf Shave Twig Razor - Aggressive ?

Leaf Shave

Leaf shave have re-invented the razor. With people turning away from plastic, Leaf have produced a safety razor that allows you to love and enjoy your razor while taking an environmentally friendly stance towards wet shaving. Want to know more about Leaf? Check out our Undercover with Leaf Shave Blog



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17 Reviews

Cashif Sheikh 24th Nov 2021

Leaf Twig Razor

Brilliant product

Peter Kreisler 14th Oct 2021

Leaf Twig Razor

Best razor in the world

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