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Leaf Shave Razor

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Leaf Shave Razor 

Leaf Razor is a sustainable plastic free, beautiful and modern razor for both men and women. The razor, re-imagined! 

Cast from solid metal for optimal weight and balance, the Leaf Razor delivers a smooth and comfortable shave. Designed for timeless beauty, this razor will earn it's place as centre stage in your bathroom, the envy of friends and family! 

The innovative pivoting head accepts 1, 2 or 3 safety-razor blades - shaving just like a cartridge razor, without the plastic. Users can customise the aggressiveness of the shave, by determining the amount of blades they use, making the Leaf razor suitable for people with thick or course hair and even sensitive skin. 

The Leaf razor comes with 10 leaf single edge blades so you can start shaving right away! The Leaf razor is also compatible with any double edge razor blade, simply snap in half to load. 

Available in Black, Chrome, Gold, Mercury, Rose Gold & Silver. Please be aware the Rose Gold finish is prone to patina and the Black is soft - may show wear or chip cosmetically over time with casual use. Due to unprecedented global demand, some colours may not always be available, please email us for an update as to when we will restock.

A matching Leaf Razor Stand is also available.

Leaf Shave

Leaf shaving have re-invented the razor. With people turning away from plastic, Leaf have produced a razor that allows you to love and enjoy your razor while taking an environmentally friendly stance towards shaving. Want to know more about Leaf? Check out our Undercover with Leaf Shave Blog



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26 Reviews

sean 1st Jun 2021

Very Impressed

After becoming disillusioned with the cost of Gillette Fusion blades going well north of two quid a blade, I tried cheaper alternatives, but didn't get the closeness I wanted. Several online influencers extolled the virtues of the safety razor, for a close shave and the dirt cheap blades, so I thought i'd give it a go, only to cut myself to ribbons. I'm probably just too cack-handed. What if, I thought, there was a razor that you could stack the cheap safety razor blades to make a multi-blade razor like a cartridge, but with little waste and a negligable ongoing cost. Enter the Leaf. Exactly what I was looking for. I'd always used an electric razor to shave my head, but I've even started using this and I haven't nicked myself once. Yes, the size of the head makes it a bit awkward to shave under the nose, but I just go across both ways and it's sorted. I really can't praise it highly enough.

Tom 16th May 2021


I currently use a DE razor and find I often cut myself (through inexperience). I was fed up of shredding myself as I learnt. This product offers the best of both worlds. You get the changeable blades (which are dirt cheap) with the flex of a normal razor. I saw a review saying it feels like cheating as it's so easy! Its worth noting the only issue with the razor is the top strip is quite big. This means I have to use my DE razor to get up close to my nose. Other than that, it's a fantastic product.

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