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Leaf Shave Razor Grip Sleeve

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Leaf Razor Grip Sleeve

Leaf Razor Grip Sleeve easily slips on to your Leaf Razor to provide extra comfort and grip as you shave. The custom moulded silicone fits the handle perfectly. Simply slide on to your razor when you need additional grip, you can easily remove it if you do not need it.

How to apply the grip sleeve

  • Wet your leaf razor handle and apply a small amount of soap to the handle to make it slick
  • Wet the inside of the grip handle
  • Wrap a towel around the sleeve to get a good grip
  • Position the small end of the grip at the bottom of the razor handle and push it on
  • Bring it to the Y at the peak of the razor
  • Once positioned, rinse water through the sleeve of the razor to remove any soap residue
  • Leave your Leaf razor to dry

Leaf razor NOT included! Image shown is an example of the front and rear of the grip sleeve.

Colours: The Leaf grip sleeve is available in Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Forest Green & Purple. 

Leaf Shave

Leaf shaving have re-invented the razor! With shavers turning away from plastic, Leaf have produced a razor that allows you to love and enjoy your razor while taking an environmentally friendly stance towards shaving. Want to know more about Leaf? Check out our Undercover with Leaf Shave Blog!!

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6 Reviews

Ken Hough 27th Dec 2021


This grip is a must, just soap up the handle and slip the rubber grip on. Fantastic item.

Mark 13th Jun 2021

A must have if shaving in the shower!

Really in my opinion should be included in the box with the Leaf razor and not an additional purchase, but that is a decision made by Leaf Shave for one reason or another. Generally the razor is fine/not that bad to hold but this sleeve definitely add to that a lot, but if you're planning on shaving in the shower (as I often do) then this really is a must have our you'll really struggle.

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