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Phoenix and Beau Aftershave Splash - Imperial Rum

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Phoenix and Beau Imperial Rum Aftershave Splash

Phoenix and Beau Imperial Rum Aftershave Splash is a warming, relaxing and grounding scent for any season! The rich and layered profile opens with a citrus hit of sweet orange and lime before moving to a warm and spicy West Indian bay. Hints of Vanilla, allspice, cinnamon and pepper merge with the sweetness of Ylang Ylang and benzoin, a carefully crafted scent profile.

The aftershave splashes from Phoenix and Beau form a classic and important part of your grooming practice. Handmade in the UK in small batches, by Kerry and Sarah, the beautifully scented formula lends its powerful astringent, anti-bacterial, moisturising and skin toning ability to help close pores and sooth the skin.

Using the finest denatured alcohol, with generous amounts of soothing witch hazel extract and aloe vera juice to calm and cool the skin, post shave. By adding a quantity of non-comedogenic (non-blocking) vegetable glycerine and sodium lactate, boosts each bottles moisturising power.

To compliment your wet shave, matching Imperial Rum Shaving Soap and post shave lotion is available.


Scent Profile: Bay, Spice, Lime

Size: 100g - in a beautiful frosted glass bottle, hand finished with waterproof vinyl stickers

Ingredients: Denatured alcohol, witch hazel extract, aloe vera juice, parfum, vegetable glycerine and sodium lactate.

Phoenix and Beau

Phoenix and Beau are a British traditional wet shaving brand based in Hitchin. Now producing a range of tallow and vegan shaving soaps, aftershave splashes and post shave lotions. Handmade and small batch - if you see we are out of stock, do check back soon!

Want to know more about this great British brand? Check out our Undercover with Phoenix and Beau blog

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1 Review

Musaddhik 5th Apr 2024

Imperial rum

Not bad at all. Decent smell.

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