Merkur 37C Safety Razor Slant Bar

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Merkur 37c Double Edge Safety Razor with Slant Bar

The Merkur 37c double edge safety razor is a serious razor designed for the more experienced shaver who wants the closest shave possible. The head is slanted which exposes the blade more at one end when shaving which means it is ideal for tough stubble or heavy beard growth. 


  • The slant bar follows the contours of the face - ideal for head shaving
  • Beautifully finished in chrome
  • The weighted head means only using light pressure can achieve a close shave
  • Includes 1 Merkur branded razor blade


For more than 120 years the MERKUR brand has been based in Solingen, Germany. Here they manufacture sophisticated and high-quality safety razors with double-edge blades. The cutting-edge expertise, which has been passed on for generations, is beyond the standards of the Solingen Regulation. Every safety razor leaves with a high product quality in function and appearance.

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5 Reviews

David Barber 11th Feb 2021

Merkur 37c Razor

Great razor as expected. Also, Agent Shave's price was by far the best around, with their usual good service.

Gary Atkins 3rd Aug 2020

Merkur 37C Safety Razor Slant Bar

My first, tentative shave a slant bar razor. Paired with a Gillette Silver Blue blade, a comfortable and incredibly close shave. I normally take 3 passes with a quick touch-up, 2 passes with the 37c - job done. My only minor niggle is that I found the handle could have been a bit more ˜grippy" Apart from that, a great razor. Take your time and concentrate, and the alum block stays in the drawer!

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