Merkur 46c Travel Safety Razor

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Merkur 46c Travel Safety Razor

The Merkur 46c travel safety razor is a stylish four piece razor that is easy to assemble and packs away in to a quality leather case.  The case also has a specific space for storing a pack of razor blades.  The head is finished in shiny chrome and is the same as used on the acclaimed Merkur 34c safety razor. The two part handle is finished in a stylish matte chrome.  

  • Case Measurements: 100mm x 60mm x 15mm
  • Razor Weight: 80g
  • Razor Handle Length: 75mm
  • Includes: 1 x pack of 10 Merkur razor blades 


For more than 120 years the MERKUR brand has been based in Solingen, Germany. Here they manufacture sophisticated and high-quality safety razors with double-edge blades. The cutting-edge expertise, which has been passed on for generations, is beyond the standards of the Solingen Regulation. Every razor leaves with a high product quality in function and appearance.

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1 Review

Chris 24th Nov 2017

Compact goodness

This is compact, lightweight, attractive, and looks great. The shave is mild, which for my beard means I don’t get a super smooth shave. This is good if your travelling and really don’t want a cut, but I like my razors more like the 34c Slant. Others I'm sure will find this a perfect razor. It has a solid home in my travel kit and will be using it for the forseabale future!

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