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Fine Eau De Toilette - Platinum 100ml

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Fine Accoutrements Platinum EDT

Fine Accoutrements Platinum Eau De Toilette is an ultra-premium fragrance inspired by the famous Creed Aventus (2010). The ultra-premium line from Fine provides an extra-ordinary post shave fragrance boost, a sophisticated, crisp scent that exudes confidence!

Made in the USA, the four-ingredient formula contains no parabens, artificial colouring, emulsifiers, oil, silicone or phthalates. Full the full Platinum shaving experience, matching Fine Platinum Shaving Cream, Fine Platinum Shaving Soap, Fine Platinum After Shave Balm & Fine Platinum Classic Aftershave is available.


Scent Profile: Top notes of spicy pineapple over an oakmoss base 

Size: 100ml glass bottle with diffusive atomiser cap

Fine Accoutrements

Attracted to the idea that traditional shaving could be less expensive and more effective than the mass market approach, Mr Todd Cerami (Mr Fine) transformed his whole shaving experience into pure pleasure.

Discovering that his favourite part of the shave was the 'end' completing with a spray of aftershave, he decided to recreate his own aftershave. After many attempts, the right formulation was created and shared with the world, starting with Fine Classic Aftershave.

The Fine Accoutrements mission is to provide a complete, expanding range of products for traditional shaving, bringing the best of the old, blending with new exciting scents!

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1 Review

Andrew Balls 14th Oct 2021

Fine Platinum EDT

I love this product. I wanted a homage scent to Creed Aventus and Fine Platinum EDT is absolutely spot on.

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