5 Fathers Day Shaving Gift Ideas

It is just over one month until Fathers Day (Sunday 16th June 2019) Don’t panic, here at Agent Shave our mission is to help find the best traditional wet shaving gifts to suit every type of Dad! Here is our top 5 shave gift picks:

New to Wet Shaving - Starter Gift Set

Shaving Gift Set | Agent ShaveShaving Gift Set | Agent ShaveShaving Gift Set | Agent Shave

Want to buy Dad a shaving gift set? Well we have put together a traditional wet shaving starter set that includes a safety razor, shaving brush and stand. Available in Black or Ivory, and at £42.50 it is a great way to get into shaving!

The Shaving Soap collector

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Shaving Soap | Agent Shave

You know who we mean, the Dad that has a different shaving soap for every day of the week! The bathroom is bursting with every brand available, yet there is always room for one more shaving soap!!!

Shaving Soaps from the USA are harder to come by & renowned for their quality. Brands like Phoenix Artisan AccoutrementsRazoRock will always make a great gifts. With matching aftershaves available you cannot go wrong!

Wickham Soap Co Shaving Soap | Agent Shave

If your Dad has sensitive skin then many of our artisan shaving soap ranges are especially suited. Wickham Soap Co shaving soaps are Parabens-free, Lanolin-free, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate-free (SLS) and are suitable for Vegans, people with sensitive skin and are NOT tested on animals. 

They also come in some great scents, go retro with Parma Violet or feel nostalgic with Classic 24! Get the set with matching post shave balms too!

Shaving Bowls & Mugs

Edwin Jagger Shaving Bowl | Agent ShaveSimpsons Shaving Mug Small | Agent ShaveEdwin Jagger Shaving Bowl - Black | Agent Shave

No traditional wet shave would be complete without a shaving bowl to help you whip up a lather! We have a shaving bowl or mug to suit everyone, priced from £13.

Artisan Shaving Bowl | Agent Shave

If you are looking for something extra special though our range of Maisy Plum Shaving Bowls are artisan handmade in the UK. Each shaving bowl is copper with enamel and glass beading to achieve the ultimate lather. As these are so unique they are selling fast with only a few colours remaining!

Shave of the day Dad - 10% off Safety Razors

If your Dad is the type that loves to post his shave of the day pictures on social media and shaving forums, then go for an Edwin Jagger Black & Gold Double Edge Razor! Gold plated with imitation ebony handle, this would look great in any shave den.

Edwin Jagger Gold Plated & Black Double Edge Razor

All our safety razors have 10% off until Fathers Day using code DAD (excluding gift sets)

Shaving brush on a budget

Want to buy Dad an awesome shaving gift but strapped for cash?

Vulfix No 9 Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

Vulfix shaving brushes start from just £5.99. The Vulfix pure Bristle collection of brushes is manufactured from hair taken from Hogs and is favoured by traditional wet shavers who prefer a stiffer feel to their brush. The Bristle comes in a variety of textures from the very still grey, through to brown and the slightly softer bleached white.

Agents, we hope this will help you on your Fathers Day mission! Remember all orders over £15 are delivered FREE in the UK.