Astra Superior Stainless Blue Safety Razor Blades

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Astra Superior Stainless DE Safety Razor Blades (Blue)

Astra Superior Stainless Double Edge Safety Razor Blades, often referred to as 'Astra Blue' are sharp and durable blades, suitable for use in all safety razors. Astra Blue are known for their smoothness and are used widely amongst the wet shaving community and barbers alike.

Size: One tuck contains 5 individually wrapped blades.


In 1996 Astra razor blades joined the Gillette Company family in line with many privatisations of the time. The merger of Gillette and Proctor & Gamble (P&G) in 2005 saw Astra come under P&G. Astra Razor Blades are now currently manufactured at the P&G plant in the Russian Federation.

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2 Reviews

Mac 13th Dec 2023

Astra Superior Stainless Razor Blades

Tried a few different razors as I go through quite a lot, use them to shave my head everyday, usually find that 1 and a half blades( I have a razor that needs 3 halves) will last me 5/7 days of everyday use, so basically 30p/50p a week for razors isn't to bad of a price if you ask me, and I found this particularly one to be the closest shave

P Trueman 15th Oct 2021

Astra Blue Safety Razors

Great shave!

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