Shark Super Stainless Safety Razor Blades

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Shark Super Stainless DE Safety Razor Blades

Shark Super Stainless DE Safety Razor Blades have probably the most iconic packaging design on the market. A sharp PFTE coated double edge blade, with good durability. Manufactured in Egypt by Lord Industries.

One tuck contains 5 individually wrapped blades.

Lord Industries

Shark razor blades are produced by Lord Co, one of the world premier wet shaving manufacturers based in Alexandria, Eygpt. Established in 1930 with machinery from Sollingen, Germany. Later in 1978 the company was taken over by Wilkinson Sword (UK) to be sold off in 1981 as part of a restructure, creating Lord Industries as we know now, producing a wide spectrum of wet shaving products, including DE blades, single, twin and triple blade disposables.

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3 Reviews

Al 11th Jan 2024

Shark Super Stainless Safety Razor Blades

Great value

Den 7th Mar 2023

Used to be my 'go to' blade, but sadly no more

These blades used to be brilliant, but recently I found that they would not last as long before blunting. I don't know if something has changed in the manufacture of them, but I stopped using them and found Derby Extra blades to be much better. Shame the latter are difficult to get hold of.

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