Treet Carbon Steel 'Black Beauty' Safety Razor Blades

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These Treet double edge safety razor blades are known in the shaving community as Black Beauty. Made of Carbon Steel.

Comes in tucks of 10. 

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6 Reviews

Paul 26th Aug 2019

Lovely blades

I love these blades. Not too sharp but good for a few shaves. These are my standard daily blade of choice. The are carbon steel though so will go rusty in your razor if left wet.

Steed 13th Mar 2019

Black Beauty

To quote Daniel Craig in Skyfall "Well, I like to do some things the old-fashioned way.” Using double edged razor blades is to say the old fashioned way and these Treet blades in my mind, how can I put it, works a 'Treet'. They're smooth and can be used in any razor but great in a razor with a larger blade gap. So if you have a couple of days stubble which may call for a more aggressive razor you don't feel you're going to cut yourself to ribbons. Which is a good thing, Thumbs up.

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