The Goodfellas Smile

The Goodfellas Smile Shaving Soap Tube 140ml

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The Goodfellas Smile Shaving Soap Tube

The Goodfellas Smile Solo Shaving Soap Tube is ideal Christmas or Birthday gift for wet shavers looking to try a selection of shaving soap scents. The tube contains 14 mini shaving soaps in the following scents:

The Goodfellas Smile shaving soaps are ideally suited to using wet shaving with a shaving brush. To lather, simply wet your shaving brush, swirling in the tub for 25-30 seconds building a lather. Then, either continue to face lather or build in a shaving bowl.

Size: 14 x 10ml mini shaving soaps.

The Goodfellas Smile

Founded in 2011, The Goodfellas Smile are an Italian wet shaving brand. Their mission is to produce high quality Italian shaving products at an affordable price. Producing a wide range of shaving soaps with matching aftershaves, there will be sure to be one that is your new favourite! 

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Ash Jane 13th Jun 2022


What a great purchase. The ability to try so many variations in The Goodfellas Smile range and pick the scents you actually like. The packaging is top notch with each sample in its own plastic tub with a screw top lid to keep it fresh, all within a hard cardboard tube. Enough soap in each little container for a few good shaves just so you know if you like it, and possibly your other half. All have lathered up as well as is expected from TGS. Some appealing scents and some not so appealing to my nose, but, we are all different and that's whole point of samples. I was surprised at some I thought I would like, but changed my mind when under the my nose. Glad I never just dived in with the larger version that would then just sit on the shelf. Great marketing idea, just wish other manufacturers did the same.

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