Personna Platinum DE Safety Razor Blades

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Personna Platinum DE Safety Razor Blades

Personna Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades are a good value blade to fit all types of safety razor. The high quality platinum and chrome coating provides an effective wet shave without irritation. 

Size: 1 tuck contains 10 individually wrapped blades

Made in Germany


In 1875 the Kampfe brothers patented their new hair removal system 'the safety razor', starting a wet shaving revolution that is still thriving today. The American Safety Razor company was formed to market their products, which later included the production of industrial and medical blade production and the first stainless steel razor blades. In 2010 ASR was acquired by Edgewell, now known as the Private Brands Group producing over two billion razor blades each year.

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4 Reviews

Christos Mountzouridis 2nd Feb 2022

Personna Platinum DE Safety Razor Blades

My favourite blades, giving a smooth shave

Thomas 7th Dec 2021

Amazingly smooth shave!

I thought that these blades were probably a gimmic. How good could they be? My goodness they were amazing to shave with. So sharp and perfect. They seemed to cut better than any blade I'd dried before and cut my skin less than any blade before, especially in tough spots like around the mouth or the jaw line.

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