Cella Shaving Cream Tub 150ml

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Cella Shaving Cream Tub

Cella shaving cream formula is virtually unchanged since it's introduction in 1899. Carefully selected top secret ingredients ensure a frothy, high performance foam that moisturises your face during wet shaving. The smooth texture allows your safety razor to simply glide, preventing irritation and leaving your skin incredibly soft.

Scent Profile: A lovely strong Almond scent.

Size: Plastic tub 150ml.

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Cella Milano

When Cella opened it's barbers shop in Milan it soon became a point of reference for style in the Italian world of shaving. In 1899 the Cella master soapmakers set out to combine, passion, experience and high standards to create the line of Cella shaving products we know and love today. Great care has been taken to select the best ingredients.

The iconic ambassador, the smiling Felice who grew famous from adverts in the 1950s and 60s has remained on packaging to date adding to the vintage feel of the brand!



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3 Reviews

Shaun Wistow 29th Jul 2020


Lovely traditional scent & gives great protection. Recommended

Michael Allan 23rd Mar 2018

Cella milano cream

What a great soap. Lovely almond scent and a silky lather. The foam lasted pretty well and could easily do a 2nd or 3rd pass. Really nice glide from it too. I would certainly recommend this and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

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