The Secret Mission to Uncover MMGP: Mr Murray's Gentleman's Products

Operation Highland Shave: Mission Unveiled Agents, gather around. 

Today, we embark on a covert wet shaving mission unlike any other. For months, whispers have echoed through the highlands and beyond about a mysterious new artisan brand that has taken the wet shaving world by storm. This is no ordinary brand; it's a Scottish enigma known only by its initials—MMGP. The full name, Mr Murray's Gentleman's Products, carries the weight of tradition, craftsmanship, and a dash of intrigue.....

MMGP: Mr Murrays Gentlemans Products | Agent Shave | Wet Shaving Supplies UK

Our mission at Agent Shave has always been clear: to bring you the finest, most exquisite wet shaving products from across the globe. But this time, we've gone deeper, infiltrating the rugged heart of Scotland to unearth the secrets behind MMGP. What we found is nothing short of astonishing. Each product, meticulously crafted, holds the promise of an unparalleled wet shaving experience, blending time-honoured techniques with modern flair. 

What makes MMGP so extraordinary? How did we manage to track down the elusive Mr. Murray? And what can you expect from their range of shaving soaps and pre shave oils? This is the story of our undercover journey into the Scottish highlands, our discovery of a wet shaving brand shrouded in mystery, and the revolutionary products that are set to redefine your shaving ritual. Stay tuned, agents and you'll soon understand why MMGP is the codename on every wet shaver's lips. Ready to embark on this clandestine adventure? Let's dive in.

Who is behind the MMGP brand?

We want to get to know you - tell us a little bit about yourself?

We’re an Anglo - Russian family, there’s me (Mr Murray), Marina my wife who’s the grey eminence behind all of our social media forays and my right hand! Our two kids Erica and Felix. Erica is a singing, speed skating and swimming superstar and Felix he snipes at us all with his wide and varied collection of nerf guns !! So life is never dull. 

Mr Murray MMGP | Agent Shave | Wet Shaving Supplies UK

You’re either being filmed for a social media ‘reel’ or shot at. I won’t tell you which one I prefer………. We all lived in Russia up until the war when we evacuated back to the UK. So for now we’re living in the west of Scotland in sometimes sunny Ardrossan by the sea! As for hobbies other than wet shaving my time is spread very thin these days with hobbies a dim and distant memory. I have recollections of swimming, reading history books, going to the cinema and watching football. Maybe when I’m a soap magnate I’ll find time to revisit my old past times ?!?!? 

What do you eat for breakfast?!!! 

Weetabix… or porridge! And at the weekend a full English….bliss! 

Mr Murray's Wet Shaving History

Do you wet shave? 

I’m a wet shaver. Currently I’m going through a phase of using single edge razors! I suspect its due to a lack of time!

Where is the strangest place you have ever shaved? 

I’m not really sure I have to be honest. I value comfort and conformity lol 

The MMGP Shaving Soap journey

When did you start shaving soap making & why? 

I read an article about Kickstarter disrupting the consumer electronics market and while I was finding out it was true I discovered the original Rockwell Razors campaign. This intrigued me so I ordered one and after discovering what the price of shaving products in Russia was I had an epiphany and decided to make shaving soap…. And after a trip to the UK attending Soap School I began to experiment until I came up with a soap base and the rest is history. 

What is the story behind the name Mr Murrays Gentleman's Products? 

I had been collecting vintage Gillette razors and thought how cool would it be to create a brand anchored in the golden era of wet shaving using style icons of the same times: David Niven, Sean Connery, Cary Grant or Steve McQueen. I saw them all as my inspiration for Mr Fox. 

My Mr Fox would have adventures in classic, stylish European holiday destinations like Antibes or St Moritz or we could spend a day with him while he went to the Barbers or his Tailor. It was a bit of escapism, not to be taken too seriously but likeable and enviable in equal measure. 

What is your favourite MMGP scent and why? 

MMGP Afternoon at the Tailor Shaving Soap | Agent Shave

Currently I would say Afternoon at the Tailor. It’s inspired by a Penhaligon’s fragrance ‘Endymion’ but when I first smelt it I was reminded of Dior’s Eau Sauvage Parfum. In Dior’s original advertising campaign it had Alain Delon in a towel coming out of the shower with a bottle of fragrance and the caption ‘what else do you need ?’ It was genius !! As for the fragrance to me it has a sparkling bright quality but there’s a spiciness to it too. If you see ‘cardamom’ listed as a note it generally means the fragrance is going to be sexy and Tailors has that note and I think it has that ‘sexy’ quality too. And everyone needs a bit of sexiness !! 

Is there a scent that you would really like to try making that you haven't yet? 

Xerjoff’s Naxos. It’s a citrus gourmand fragrance with a great tobacco accord and it’s very expensive! It smells exclusive and luxurious and once smelt never forgotten! These are the qualities you want from a fragrance and I think it would be perfect for the MMGP brand and our customers. A more accessible version was Mugler’s Pure Havane but sadly that’s been discontinued …… Now I have to convince my fragrance supplier to make me some! 

What is your secret to achieving the perfect lather from your shaving soaps? 

Water, not too much, not too little. My soap has many ingredients that are triggered by water and the effect gets better with more applications whether it be the residual slickness or the build up of menthol. 

MMGP Shaving Soap Lather | Agent Shave | Wet Shaving Supplies UK

How does using a pre-shave oil help your shave? 

Wet shaving 101 says you should hydrate your skin before a shave. 

The idea is by hydrating you soften the hair. So a pre-shave oil takes that approach even further. Using oils known for their emollient properties you can hydrate and soften both the skin and the hair. The oil thickens the hair and makes it stand proud making it easier to shave. And in the case of my pre-shave oil I use oils with a low comedogenic value which means the oils won’t block your pores !! 

What is to come from MMGP in the future?

Future plans… aftershave splash is in the testing phase. The plan will be to pair each shaving soap with a complimentary aftershave fragrance. Hopefully that won’t take too long to progress to a saleable product. 

We’re also looking at branded shaving brushes and a DE safety razor too to create the complete MMGPwet shaving experience! It's likely we’ll release new shaving soaps too as our following in the UK and wider wet shaving world grows and grows!