Shave den DIY inspiration ideas

Safety razors & shaving brushes everywhere?

Shaving hardware doesn't take long to clutter up your bathroom. As a result, wet shaving can become an irritating game of tracking down the right safety razor or shaving brush from the back of the sink or cabinet! It can also lead to suspicion of a growing collection from you know who......

For those who are DIY inclined, creating a shaving display is an attractive and convenient way for storing your traditional shaving gear - even better, those who make their own display can tweak it to fit their bathroom decor, their specific shaving hardware, and the space limitations of their bathroom.

Shaving Den Cabinet Display | Agent Shave

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13 DIY ideas for the perfect shave den

Not sure where to start? Here are 13 ideas to get started on creating your own shaving display, for the perfect shave den:

1. Hanging stand - This design is similar to a toothbrush stand. It is freestanding and will take very little counter space. Double edge razors, brushes and other supplies can go in custom sized slots to hang vertically.

2. Drawer organiser - For those who prefer to keep the sink clutter free, but have some drawer space, a custom designed drawer organiser to fit in your shaving kit might be the best solution.

Much like a utensil organiser in the kitchen, this woodworking project simply requires varying sized trays for razors, brushes, shaving soaps and creams. Measure the dimensions of the drawer and sketch out a design first to make sure the products will fit in the organiser and the organiser will fit in the drawer.

3. Wall Hanging - For those who are short on counter space and who already have a full medicine cabinet, creating a display to hang on the wall might be the best bet at organising shaving supplies.

A simple idea could be a shelf with brushes, bowls or beard oil on the top and hooks underneath for razors or combs.

4. Framed displayThis shadow box design on pinterest looks like a wall decoration. The varying shaving tools hang from hooks artfully spread out to fill the frame. This looks best for classic styled shaving tools like a brush and bowl or straight razors that lend themselves to displaying.

5. Cup Holder Style - This very simple design covers the basics without fuss. A rectangular design looks modern and is easy to make. A straightforward cube will do the trick, but smaller compartments can divide out razors and brushes.

This is an attractive option for first time woodworkers as it is basically comprised of five pieces of wood that are sanded, put together and stained. Here are some more projects that fit well for beginner DIYers in case you’d like to refine your skills a bit before crafting this cup holder style display.

6. Spice Rack Style - This design can go on the wall or in the cupboard. Much like a spice rack a narrow rack with borders on all sides holds shaving gear (particularly oils and creams) without concern of them falling out. This could sit on the counter or be mounted to the wall.

7. A complete cupboard - A small cupboard with a door can securely hold any shaving kit. It will operate like a medicine cabinet but can be custom designed with shelves and hooks inside to accommodate specific tools. A glass door will allow for display, or a solid door can hide based on preference (so the other half will never know....)

Shaving Den Cupboard | Agent Shave

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8. Hanging displays - Hanging a rack, box or basket inside a cupboard door makes for a good space saver. This will require metal hooks to hang the container but allows for flexibility with design.

9. Magnet Strip - Mount a magnet strip to a wooden hanging based on preferred design and metal can simply be stuck to the magnet.

10. Merge different ideas together - For those who have a variety double edge razors, shaving brushes and shaving supplies a combination approach could be best. Shaving soaps and brushes could sit on a shelf while razors hang on hooks.

11. Custom slot display for Clippers - Clippers come with a variety of attachment sizes that can easily get lost. Put together a stand with a hook for the clippers and multiple slots for the attachments will save space and reduce the chance of losing pieces in a drawer.

12. Think Beyond the razor - While most shaving displays are focused on razors, brushes, shaving creams or soaps, consider designing a space for towels and other accessories to give a well rounded look and a display that covers all shaving needs.

13. Shaving kit box - Create a box with a hinged lid to stash shaving supplies. The wooden box can be stained with a rustic look, include etched initials, and even be divided with compartments for different supplies. Whether it sits on the counter or on a shelf a custom made box will be an artful addition to any shave den!

Most of these designs can be implemented easily by a DIY beginner, but those with more advanced skills can add embellishments such as using a router on edges for a more stylised look. The skills and experience with woodworking and the tools at the DIYers disposal are the only things that will hold them back to creating the perfect shave den.

Why not add some vintage shaving posters too? We would love to see your finished shave den – share your photos with us via our FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages!