Guide to wet shaving abbreviations

Shaving Acronyms

Traditional wet shaving has it’s own abbreviations! Have you ever been on a shaving forum or looked at fellow shavers Instagram page and been confused by the jargon and terminoligy? Our mission is to de-code these shaving acronyms so you will never be confused again!

Shaving Forum Abbreviations:

AD Acquisition Disorder – the inability to stop purchasing shaving goods!

ASAD After Shave Acquisition Disorder

ATG Against The Grain shaving pass – the direction of stroke with a razor, against the direction of hair growth

BAD Blade Acquisition Disorder

BBS Baby’s Butt Smooth – the holy grail of shaving! A Completely smooth shave, where the fingertips can detect no stubble.

BIN Buy It Now

BTW By The Way

CCS Close Comfortable Shave – slightly less than a DFS

CWR Cold Water Rinse

DFS Damn Fine Shave – Not quite a BBS, close enough so that you could feel some stubble but not visually see it.

FBU/FBO For barbers use/only

FS For Sale

FT For Trade

FWIW For What It's Worth

HTT Hot Towel Treatment

HWMOM He Who Must Obey Me

IIRC If I remember correctly

IMHO In My Humble Opinion

LE Limited Edition

LOSER Lover of Single Edge Razors

NOS New Old Stock – an item that is still in its original packaging, however no longer manufactured

OP Original Post / Original Poster

PASS The number of times your ‘pass’ your razor across your face during a shave

PIF Pay/Pass It Forward – rather than give items back to a lender, pass item on to a newbie/another shaver

PJ Persian Jar – shape of shaving brush handle made by Simpsons

PM Personal Message

RAD Razor Acquisition Disorder

SAD Soap Acquisition Disorder

SBAD Shaving Brush Acquisition Disorder

SAS Socially acceptable shave – light stubble can be felt in all directions

SOTD Shave Of The Day – often posted as a picture, quite simply, what have you shaved with today?

SWMBO She Who Must Be Obeyed - used when talking about one’s wife or girlfriend

WTB Want To Buy

WTG With The Grain shaving pass – shaving in the direction your hair grows

WTT Want To Trade

WWR Warm Water Rinse

YMMV Your Mileage May Vary –  you may have a different result

XTG Across the grain shaving pass – shaving at right angle to direction of hair growth

Shaving Products:

AS After Shave

ASB After Shave Balm

ASL After Shave Lotion

BB Best Badger Shaving Brush

Croap – a very soft shave soap or hard shave cream

EdC Eau de Cologne

EdP Eau de Parfum

EdT Eau de Toilette

PS Pre Shave

PSB Pre Shave Balm

PSO Pre Shave Oil

SB Shaving Brush

SC Shaving Cream

SS Shaving Soap


CC: Closed Comb

DE Double Edge Safety Razor / Blade

HD Heavy Duty

OC: Open Comb

SB: Safety or Slant Bar

SE Single Edge Safety Razor

SR: Straight Razor

Traditional Wet Shaving Brands:

A&E Ariana & Evans

AdP Acqua Di Parma

AV Aqua Velva

B&M Barrister & Mann

DSB d’Ardenne Short & Bell

DRH D. R Harris

EJ Edwin Jagger

GFT Geo F. Trumper

MWF Mitchell's Wool Fat

NSS Nanny’s Silly Soap

OSP The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist

PAA Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

P&B Phoenix and Beau

RR RazoRock

TFS Tcheon Fung Sing

TGS The Goodfellas Smile

T&H Truefitt & Hill

TBS The Body Shop

TOBS Taylor of Old Bond Street

W&B Wade & Butcher

Agents! We hope this will help you on your shaving mission, good luck with achieving that BBS shave & don't forget to tag us in your SOTD posts on social media using the hashtag #agentshave