12 of the Best Citrus Shaving Soaps

Best citrus shaving soap

Citrus shaving soaps can bring a zing to your wet shave! What better way to start your day than with a fresh and zesty shaving soap, enhancing your mood, reducing stress and anxiety.

Ideal as Spring and Summer scents, choosing a citrus shaving soap can be evocative, uplifting and cleansing. Usually associated with the Mediterranean and warmer climates, lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit and lime are excellent citrus choices. 

Whilst we are not healthcare professionals, the use of citrus oils in shaving soaps is widely used to treat a range of skincare conditions such as dermatitis, acne and oily skin. Citrus oils also contain many antioxidant properties, which relieve stress on the immune system. 

These shaving soaps not only provide an excellent lather and cushion but also leave a delightful citrus fragrance that lingers long after the shave. Here at Agent Shave we review some of the best citrus shaving soaps available, perfect for pairing with your favourite safety razor and shaving brush.

Orange scented shaving soap

The Goodfellas Smile Orange Empire Shaving Soap | Agent Shave | Wet Shaving Supplies UK

An evening shave with an orange scented shaving soap can help you to unwind and relax. The orange scent can be a natural sedative, creating a happy feeling which combined with it's mild aphrodisiac properties can lead to an enjoyable evening all round!

  • The Goodfellas Smile Orange Empire Shaving Soap is a soft style artisan shaving soap crafted in Italy. A long lasting, explosive orange fragrance that is suitable for sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic shaving soap produces a hydrating smooth lather for your wet shave.
  • Fine L'Orange Noir Shaving Soap blends orange with deep, dark notes, creating a sophisticated scent profile. This soap is perfect for those who appreciate a refined citrus fragrance. Inspired by Terre d'Hermes (2006) it is masterfully blended with dry orange for a beautiful scent.
  • Stirling Orange Chill Shaving Soap is renowned for its refreshing orange scent combined with a cooling menthol kick. This soap produces a thick, creamy lather that provides excellent glide and protection during your shave.

Bergamot orange is a citrus fruit similar in size to that of an orange with yellow or green colouring, depending on ripeness. A highly aromatic scent, often associated with that used in Earl Grey Tea.

Lime scented shaving soap & cream

The scent of Lime is exotic and intoxicating. Clean, crisp and fresh, Lime adds some zing and a little pep to the mundane!

Taylor of Old Bond Street Lime Zest Shaving Cream | Agent Shave | Wet Shaving Supplies UK

  • Taylor of Old Bond Street Lime Zest Shaving Cream offers a bright, tangy lime scent. This shaving cream is known for its ease of lathering and excellent skin conditioning properties. Parabens free, this Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream moisturises and softens the face.
  • The Goodfellas Smile Royal Lime Shaving Soap  has a fresh citrusy masculine scent, inspired by the Royal Lime of Bermuda 1960s scent. This shaving soap produces a rich, creamy lather that enhances razor glide.
  • Ariana and Evans Chiang May Shaving Soap is ultimately different to anything you have smelt before! Kafir Lime is blended with sweet lemongrass, fragrant and mouth watering! This shaving soap is designed to provide a top-tier shaving experience with a luxurious lather.

Grapefruit scented shaving soap & cream

Ariana & Evans Pamplemousse Shaving Soap | Agent Shave | Wet Shaving Supplies Uk

The smell of Grapefruit is uplifting and clarifying. Just inhaling a Grapefruit scent can bring on overwhelming feelings of peace and relaxation, helping to reduce tiredness, fatigue and headaches.

  • Ariana & Evans Yuzu Shaving Soap has a tart citrus scent that is a blend of Green Mandarin and Grapefruit. Made in the famous K2E shaving soap base, known for its exceptional lather and post shave feel.
Lemon scented shaving soap

Now the best citrus shaving soaps for your wet shave would not be complete without a touch of Lemon! Calming and clarifying, the Lemon scent can help lift you if your are feeling anxious or run down.

The Goodfellas Smile Italian Lemon Shaving Soap | Agent Shave | Wet Shaving Supplies UK

  • The Goodfellas Smile Italian Lemon Shaving Soap has a fresh and green citrus zing! The delightful lemon fragrance is ideal for those who enjoy a crisp, clean citrus scent during their shave.
  • RazoRock XX Shaving Soap has a sensual aroma with Calabrian lemon and sweet orange, like shaving with a warm Mediterranean breeze. The creamy, protective lather offers a skin-friendly formulation.
  • Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill Shaving Soap is one for those hot days when you want a cold citrusy fix! Like shaving while dunking your face in an ice cold bucket of lemonade, with a menthol kick. Artisan made in Arkansas, USA.

Choosing the right citrus shaving soap can transform your wet shaving routine into a refreshing and invigorating experience. Each of these shaving soaps offers unique scent profiles and superior lathering properties, making them ideal companions for your safety razor and shaving brush. Whether you prefer the zesty orange chill of Stirling or the sophisticated blend of Fine L'Orange Noir, there's a citrus shaving soap on this list to suit your preferences. Happy shaving!