Razorock The Hulk Shaving Brush - Plissoft Synthetic 34mm

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RazoRock The Hulk Synthetic Plissoft Shaving Brush

Razorock The Hulk synthetic plissoft shaving brush is BIG! When we say big we mean MASSIVE!!! Boasting a 34mm knot and a height of nearly 6 inches, The Hulk is a beast of a shaving brush and much larger in real life than the photos (For an indication of size, see picture 3 where The Hulk is pictured with the RazoRock Bruce shaving brush)

Who will love The Hulk? Well head shavers for a start - that huge knot is just perfect for lathering up your noggin. Massive hands, no problemo! If you are shaving your body or legs, The Hulk will have you covered in no time at all. 

Handle Style: Black Resin

Knot Size: 34mm x 70mm

Total Height: 150mm (Handle 78mm)

Razorock shaving brushes have gained a reputation in the industry for producing some of the best synthetic shave brushes on the market. The Razorock synthetic plissoft fibres are soft enough on your face yet have enough backbone to exfoliate.


Razorock is a classic shaving brand that was founded out of a passion for traditional wet shaving. The drive to make luxurious shaving soaps, aftershaves and shaving brushes has meant Razorock has become a firm favourite amongst traditional wet shavers. 

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1 Review

Malcolm Stephenson 12th Oct 2020

RazoRock Hulk Shaving Brush

A very good synthetic brush with some backbone to it along with a very good service from Agentshave

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