RazoRock Big Bruce Shaving Brush Plissoft Synthetic 26mm

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RazoRock Big Bruce Shaving Brush - Plissoft Synthetic 26mm Knot

Razorock Big Bruce shaving brush is an excellent value shaving brush if you are just starting your wet shave journey! Now, we all love a shaving brush with a story, well this handle was the idea of loyal RazoRock client, you guessed it.....Bruce! The BIG Bruce is slightly bigger than the standard Bruce, with a 26mm knot. The weight and quality of the Big Bruce shaving brush will blow you away. The black resin handle has the RazoRock logo stamped into the base. 

Handle Style: Black resin

Knot Size: 26mm x 63mm

Height: 111mm

Razorock shaving brushes have gained a reputation in the industry for producing some of the best synthetic shave brushes on the market. This RazoRock Big Bruce shaving brush uses the Razorock synthetic 26mm plissoft knot.


Razorock is a classic shaving brand that was founded out of a passion for traditional wet shaving. The drive to make luxurious shaving soaps, aftershaves and shaving brushes has meant Razorock has become a firm favourite amongst traditional wet shavers. Want to know more about the history of RazoRock? Check out our Undercover with RazoRock blog!

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6 Reviews

Rob C 30th Oct 2023

RazoRock Big Bruce Shaving Brush

I am pleased with this brush being new to shaving, I had originally wanted a natural brush. Unfortunately none were in stock. I wasn't adverse to trying a synthetic brush. I guess it's like guitars everyone thinks a solid wood one is better but a well made laminate guitar can sound better than a cheap solid one. This brush does the job, and I'm happy with it. I'd like to get a natural one in the future to see how it compares. Until then, I'm happy

Amanda 27th Jan 2023

RazoRock Big Bruce Shaving Brush Plissoft Synthetic 26mm

Very happy with purchase

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