The Goodfellas Smile

The Goodfellas Smile Shibusa Shaving Soap 100ml

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The Goodfellas Smile Shibusa Shaving Soap 

The Goodfellas Smile Shibusa traditional shaving soap is hypoallergenic and suitable for those with sensitive skin. Free from Benzoic Aldehyde, this shaving soap is designed specifically for those who cannot use a classic almond scent, a known irritant. Simply use with a wet shaving brush, lathering in a bowl or directly on the face to produce a lather with high glide and hydration that protects your skin while shaving. The most popular of The Goodfellas Smile range, the perfume is as rich as it's foaminess.

  • No preservatives added in the production of this shaving soap
  • No dye added in the production of this shaving soap
  • No animal fat - 100% vegetable
  • No glycerin added, other than naturally occurring through saponification

To compliment your shave, pair with matching The Goodfellas Smile Shibusa Aftershave

Scent Profile: Almond and floral

Size: 100ml


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The Goodfellas Smile

The Goodfellas Smile shaving range is artisan handmade in Italy. Designed for shavers who love high quality products for their wet shave, with the carefully selected raw ingredients.

The shaving soaps are unfiltered and may over time take on new colouring as oleic acids crystalise, this does not in any way alter the intrinsic properties of the shaving soaps.

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1 Review

FRANCISCO 9th Jan 2020

Shave like a Samurai

Great Soap! Top notch performance and fantastic mild almond scent

Excellent service from Agent Shave
Mission Accomplished!

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