Racer Super Stainless Razor Blades

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Racer Super Stainless Razor Blades

Racer Super Stainless double edge blades are compatible with all safety razors. These Swedish stainless steel blades produce a close comfortable wet shave.

Comes in a tuck of 5 individually wrapped razor blades.

Lord Co

Racer Super Stainless razor blades are produced by Lord Co, one of the world premier wet shaving manufacturers based in Alexandria, Eygpt. Established in 1930 with machinery from Sollingen, Germany. Later in 1978 the company was taken over by Wilkinson Sword (UK) to be sold off in 1981 as part of a restructure, creating Lord Industries as we know now, producing a wide spectrum of wet shaving products, including DE blades, single, twin and triple blade disposables.

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