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Phoenix and Beau Post Shave Lotion - Night Witch

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Phoenix and Beau Post Shave Lotion - Night Witch Limited Edition

Phoenix and Beau Night Witch post shave lotion is a Limited Edition especially for Autumn. For the scent, Phoenix and Beau have developed a version of the wet shavers favourite classic, Old Spice - with the artwork using the original Shulton Companies colour scheme. As always Kerry takes his inspiration from his love of music, this time 'Night Witch' being a favourite song by a local rock band, a story of female heroism, loss and duty during WW2. The 'Night Witches' or Nachthexen was also the German nickname for the female aviators of the 588th night bomber regiment of the Soviet Air Forces.

The key element of any great grooming routine is post shave. Phoenix and Beau post shave lotion is alcohol free, calming sensitivity and razor burn caused by wet shaving. Free from parabens, artificial colours, sodium laurel sulphates (SLS) and vegan friendly, this refreshing lotion leaves your skin nourished and ready for the day. 

Scent Profile: A beautiful and aromatic fougere, with top notes of galbanum, lavender, bergamot, lemon, lime, orange and black current. The heart is made of rose and lily of the valley before dropping down to a base of patchouli, cedar, opoponax, ambergris and oakmoss.

Size: 50g in a pump dispenser

Ingredients: Aloe barbendensis extract, hamamelis virginiana extract, salix alba bark extract, caryodendron orinocense nut oil, limnanthes alba seed oil, parfum.

Phoenix and Beau

Handmade in the United Kingdom, Phoenix and Beau produce a range of core and limited edition artisan shaving soaps, post shave lotion and aftershaves. A small family operation, where quality and attention to detail are key. Frustrated by the lack of quality shaving soap available, Kerry began to develop his own - creating the perfect combination of voluminous lather and slickness, where your safety razor just glides over the face for an outstanding wet shave.

The development of Phoenix and Beau post shave lotion and aftershave splash to pair with your favourite shaving soap scents, just completes your shaving routine.

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1 Review

Chris 24th Feb 2020

Great post-shave lotion (Old Spice)

The performance is fantastic and the fragrance long lasting. I have given 4* because I'm not as keen on Old Spice as I remember, but some of you will love it!

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