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OSP Shaving Soap 140g - Spice Road

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OSP Spice Road Shaving Soap

OSP Spice Road shaving soap is a pungent blend of spices coupled with a good dash of sandalwood! A warming shaving soap just perfect for long dark nights and cold winter days. 

OSP Shaving Soaps contain high levels of tallow, coconut oil and avocado oil amongst others, it is then crammed full of lanolin, shea butter, glycerin, and kaolin clay so as to ensure your beard and skin are fully prepared for the shave ahead!

Scent Profile: Warm spices and aniseed

Size: 140g in an oversized plastic tub for easier lathering

The Obessive Soap Perfectionist - OSP

James Riley, the artisan behind The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist (OSP) starting making shaving soap in 2015. He created a shaving soap base with an emphasis on 100% natural ingredients that are as raw and unrefined as possible to ensure that as much goodness as possible remains in the shaving soap. 

The labels are no-nonsense and colour coded, named so that you know what you are getting. OSP shaving soaps are sure to leave your skin feeling nurtured, cared for and smelling incredible.

Sadly as of 31/3/19 James has taken the decision to stop soap making, we will continue to stock for as long as we can, subject to availability from OSP.

We strongly recommend that the following be adhered to when using your OSP shaving soaps:
• Store in a cool, dark and dry environment.
• Ensure all lids are tightly sealed.
• Where possible, make sure no moisture can ingress into the product.

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2 Reviews

Chris s 24th Jul 2018

Becoming a big fan of OSP

This is one of my favourite osp soaps, very nice big aniseed hit to begin with which mellows out. Another fantastic soap with a top notch scent

Chris 28th Nov 2017

Turkish shop?

The performance is top notch (as with all OSP soaps), but the scent is exactly like a Turkish spice shop. Personally, I do not enjoy that scent, so didn’t get far with this one, but if middle eastern mixes cooking spices are your heaven, you will love this one.

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