Myrsol Pre Shave Emulsion 200ml Plastic Bottle

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Myrsol Pre Shave Emulsion

Myrsol Emulsion does it all!!! Pre Shave (Which is how we use it) After shave and as a shaving cream. Mr Miquel Ricou Sole, the developer, in his 90's, used this daily as a shaving cream! Smoothing, soothing, lovely to use. If there is one staple item to have in your shaving kit, then this is it!

Emulsion can be used without the need of a shaving brush or soap, in addition to the massage before or after shaving. Perfect for contouring beards or sideburns with a safety razor.

Myrsol pre shave emulsion is dermatologically tested and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Size: 200ml plastic bottle

Ingredients: Aqua, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Lanolin, Glycerin, Sodium Methylparaben, Menthol, Parfum


Founded in the 1940's by Miquel Ricou Sole, in Barcelona. The Myrsol range of emulsions, aftershaves and astringents that is, in our opinion in a class of its own. We have used the products for a number of years and the emulsion, which can be used as a pre-shave, shave cream and aftershave is one of our personal 'go to' products. The range has been developed over many year and uses quality naturally sourced products to produce excellent results.

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3 Reviews

Steve 23rd Feb 2020

Myrsol Pre Shave Emulsion

Using for some time now, excellent product for my sensitive skin, pre shave. No sign of shaving rash. Does make a difference.

Garry 30th Nov 2018

Myrsol Emulsion 200ml

Great stuff, skin feels great after. Lovely scent but it’s not long lasting unfortunately.Ive not used it preshave yet but it’s a great after shave balm.
Ordered on a Friday night and it arrived on Monday from Agent Shave.
I’d recommend this.

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