Merkur 700 Futur Safety Razor - Satin

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Merkur Futur 700 DE Safety Razor

The Merkur Futur 700 DE Safety Razor in satin finish is pure class. Looking unlike any other double edge safety razor it is a sleek and sophisticated adjustable - perfect for an experienced traditional wet shaver.  


  • Fully adjustable - just turn the handle settings from 1-6 to adjust the aggressiveness of the razor. 
  • Smooth handle
  • Compatible with all double edge safety razor blades
  • Heavyweight razor that delivers a smooth and effortless shave
  • This particular model has a beautiful matt satin chrome finish 


For more than 120 years the MERKUR brand exists in Solingen, Germany. Here they manufacture sophisticated and high-quality safety razors with double-edge blades. The cutting-edge expertise, which has been passed on for generations, is beyond the standards of the Solingen Regulation. Every razor leaves with a high product quality in function and appearance.

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2 Reviews

David Quinton 27th Aug 2020

Excellent shaver with a learning curve

An excellent looking razor. The Futur is also an excellent shaver, even on the lowest setting of 1 and three days of growth the razor will mow the whiskers down with ease. Now the other bits, never try and adjust the razor with wet hands, if you do so you're almost certain to get a nasty bite. Just hold the top with a towel and then adjust and go back to shaving. This razor does have a learning curve to use it well and correctly. Never start at 4 or higher it's too aggressive. Start low and work upwards after a few shaves at each setting that way your skin becomes accustomed to the razor. Find the blade that suits you best and try that when you first shave with the Futur, you'll thank yourself later for not diving in with the likes of a Feather. Overall this is one of the best razors out there and one of the heaviest.

Chris 24th Nov 2017

Hard to say...

This razor looks stunning. It is also an enigma. Having put this up against a 1963 Slim Adjustable, I sold the slim and kept this. It definitely holds it own! However, there is a catch... Sometimes I get the greatest shave of my life with it! Other times the shave is poor. You have to experiment a lot with different blades and settings to get a good shave. It is in there though and I am very happy having mine in my razor rotation.

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