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Leaf Shave Razor Stand - Honey

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Leaf Razor Stand - Honey

Leaf Razor Honey Stand is a solid all metal display stand for your Leaf razor. After wet shaving store your Leaf Razor in this beautiful stand, with integrated rubber foot to prevent slipping and drainage hole for residual water flow off from the razor. 

The Leaf Razor will fit facing forward or backwards in the stand.

A batch of Silver finish came out gold-ish, so never one to waste - Leaf have decided this mistake should be a Limited Edition finish especially for Earth Month. 

Leaf Shave

Leaf shave have re-invented the razor. With people turning away from plastic, Leaf have produced a razor that allows you to love and enjoy while taking an environmentally friendly stance towards wet shaving. Want to know more about Leaf? check out our Undercover with Leaf Blog

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1 Review

Kenrick Hough 21st Apr 2022

Leaf Razor Stand Honey

Great stand for a great razor

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