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Fine 21st Century Shaving Soap - Clubhouse 150ml

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Fine 21st Century Shaving Soap - Clubhouse

Fine Clubhouse 21st Century Shaving Soap brings past, present and future shaving together! With a scent inspired by the popular Pinaud Clubman, Clubhouse is bound to be a popular addition to the 21st Century shaving soap range.

The NEW formula embodies modern soap making craftsmanship with an elegant call between the old and new world. 21st Century shaving soap easily builds a thick and creamy lather with hyper slickness for all day skin conditioning. Made in Italy, Fine Clubhouse shaving soap has a formula that embraces fine vegetable oils and butters with a base of animal fat, providing outstanding benefits for your shave:

  • Argan Oil - Carefully repairs and regenerates, helping to rebuild skin stressed by the razor blade
  • Beef Tallow - Providing high protection, allowing the razor blade to glide without irritation
  • Castor Oil - Provides the backbone to the formula, giving body and structure to the shaving soap while building a lather with a shaving brush
  • Coconut Oil - Nourishes the skin to avoid dehydration and gives smoothness to the shaving soap
  • Jojoba Oil - Provides softening and elasticizing effects during wet shaving
  • Mango Butter - Anti-inflammatory, soothing and emollient action on the skin stressed by shaving

Scent Profile: Top notes of lavender, lemon and clary sage; middle notes of Carnation, Bourbon Geranium, Cloves, Cedar and Patchouli; and base notes vanilla, heliotrope, tonka bean, oak moss and musk.

Size: 150ml plastic tub in a Fine branded cardboard box.

Fine Accoutrements

Attracted to the idea that traditional wet shaving could be less expensive and more effective than the mass market approach, Mr Todd Cerami (Mr Fine) transformed his whole wet shaving experience into pure pleasure. Discovering that his favourite part of the shave was the 'end' completing with a spray of aftershave, he decided to recreate his own aftershave. After many attempts, the right formulation was created and shared with the world, starting with Fine Classic Aftershave.

The Fine Accoutrements mission is to provide a complete, expanding range of products for traditional wet shaving, bringing the best of the old, blending with new exciting scents!

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