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Edwin Jagger Moustache Wax - Aloe Vera

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Edwin Jagger Aloe Vera Moustache Wax

Edwin Jagger moustache wax is a creamy smooth wax which moisturises the moustache and skin.  This wax will help shape even the most unruly moustache. Before use, ensure the moustache wax is warm and pliable. First, comb your moustache, then using thumb and finger, obtain a pinch of wax. Evenly apply warm wax to your moustache, from centre outwards, gently working and shaping the moustache hair right to the ends.

Ideally sized to fit in your pocket, keeping that mo looking trim all day!

Scent Profile: Scented with a subtle note of fresh Aloe Vera.

Size: Comes in a stylish 15ml screw top tin.


Edwin Jagger

Established in 1988 Edwin Jagger has set the standard for impeccable male grooming. A family owned and run traditional wet shaving business from Sheffield, Edwin Jagger epitomises quality and style.  Using state of art design and up to the minute manufacturing techniques, the range of safety razors and shaving brushes are exceptional. 

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