Dorco Titan DE Safety Razor Blades

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Dorco Titan DE Safety Razor Blades

Dorco Titan Safety Razor Blades are suitable for all types of safety razor. The double edge blade is stainless steel coated for smoother, sharp shave. Long lasting and a great performer.

Size: Supplied in 1 tuck of 10 individually wrapped razor blades.

Made in: Vietnam


For over 60 years, Dorco have been producing sharp, strong and long lasting razor blades in South Korea. The Dorco name is an abbreviation; DO - the first two letters of Dongyang Light Metal Industries (The original company), R - for Razor and CO - Company. Founded by Tak Si-Guen in 1957, Dorco registered as a brand in 1961. 

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1 Review

Maurice 16th Jun 2020

Titan For a Smooth Shave

A while ago I tried a sample pack of a variety of double edge razor blades. Some were highly rated and in there top ten of best shaves. Not one put The Dorco Titan DE in and I am mystified or they haven't tried them. They are absolutely brilliant and for me far outstrip any that I have tried. Definitely will be ordering again. Try them you won't be disappointed!

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