Covid-19 Temporary Closure

Covid-19 Temporary Closure

Important information update from our agents to you....

Thank you so much for your continued support of Agent Shave during these uncertain times. It is with a heavy heart that uncle has ordered mission temporary closure. 

As I am sure you will understand, we are a very small team, all with families that we need to prioritise. We never thought that a virus would have such an impact on our lives this year, and our lives are important. At this time we all need to focus on staying safe and staying at home where possible. 

Our website will remain 'open' enabling you to still read our blog and add items to your wishlist, you will not however be able to place an order.  Please be assured that as soon as we can, we will be up and running again when government advice allows. 

We will endeavour to answer any queries you may have via email.

Finally, we will do our best to keep you updated and bring a smile during these difficult times via our social media channels - do join in conversations, continue to post pictures and reviews.

For now agents. Out.