10 Shaving Stocking Fillers under £10

10 shaving stocking fillers under £10

It’s time to find those Christmas shaving stocking filler gifts for wet shaving fans! To save you searching this Christmas, Agent Shave has come up with our top 10 shaving stocking fillers for under £10 to put a smile on anyone who loves a wet shave:

1. Wickham Soap Co Post Shave Balms £9.50

Wickham Soap Co 1912 Shamrock Tweed Aftershave Balm | Agent Shave

The Wickham 1912 range of aftershave balms are specifically formulated to match and compliment the premium range of 1912 shaving soaps. ✓ Parabens-free ✓ Lanolin-free ✓ Sodium Lauryl Sulphate-free (SLS) ✓ Vegan friendly ✓ Suitable for sensitive skin ✓ NOT tested on animals. 

Currently available in English RoseNinfeo di EgeriaShamrock TweedCashmereCitrus MuskClassic 24Club ColaIrish FernMagnumRussian LeatherScottish HeatherParma Violet.

2. Shaving Brush Drip Stands £5

Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush Drip Stand - Black | Agent Shave

An ideal gift are these plastic shaving brush drip stands from Edwin Jagger are a handy, simple and inexpensive way to hang your small necked (20mm) shaving brush allowing the hair to dry thoroughly. They have an adhesive pad fitted so you can fix it easily to a vertical surface or it can be left free standing.

The colours available are BlackIvory and Tortoiseshell

3.Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, from £9.85

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream | Agent Shave

The Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream range is one of a discerning shavers 'go to' products. The creams are manufactured using only pure and natural ingredients. 

Taylor of Old Bond Street is a family run business with over 150 years of providing top quality products. You will be amazed how well the shaving cream moisturises your face. Available in number of elite fragrances. Simply dip a lightly moistened shaving brush into the cream and gently lather onto the face - you may never use another shaving cream once you have tried these!

4. Rockwell Razor Blade Safe £4.99

Rockwell Razor Blade Safe | Agent Shave

The perfect gift for any wet shaving enthusiast! Give a Rockwell Razor Blade SafeRockwell Razor Blade Safe, the easy way to safely dispose of used safety razor blades! Use like a money box, simply slot used blades in the gap at the top of the box and when it is full can be emptied at your local recycling centre.

5. The Goodfellas Smile Shaving Soaps from £5.95

The Goodfellas Smile Hard Shaving Soap | Agent Shave

The Goodfellas Smile are a popular artisan shaving brand from Italy. Ideal as a stocking filler, these hard shaving soaps come in plastic free packaging and are priced at £5.95. Available in 3 scents; Italian Lemon, Blackberry Grapes and Briar Wood.

If you are looking for a more traditional Italian soft shaving soap, The Goodfellas Smile shaving soaps start from £8.95 with over 15 scents to choose from

6. Phoenix & Beau Utility Oil £6.99

Pheonix and Beau Utility Oil Wilderness | Agent Shave

The perfect multi use stocking filler! Utility Oil from Phoenix and Beau can be used a number of ways; as a pre-shave oil, shaving oil and as beard oil. Available in two great scents; SummitWilderness.

7. Alum Stick £4.50

Lea Alum Stick | Agent Shave

Effective post shave to help stop minor cuts and bleeding, an Alum Stick is a must have item for any wet shaver! Not only does an Alum Stick act as an antiseptic agent to sterilise the skin it also acts as a balm - skin is immediately softer and smoother.

8. RazoRock Caribbean Holiday Shaving Soap £9.75

RazoRock Caribbean Holiday Shaving Soap | Agent Shave

OK, so 2020 has been, shall we say, a little different! The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many of us have not enjoyed a holiday this year. So.....give a holiday in a tub this Christmas! 

RazoRock Caribbean Holiday Shaving Soap takes you to that special place, you know the scents, malibu, coconut, just like a tiki bar.

9. Cella Shaving Cream Tub £7.50

Cella Shaving Cream Tub | Agent Shave

What could be better than to receive a Shaving Cream that has branding like Father Christmas himself? The smiling Felice from Cella has remained on packaging since the 1950s and is iconic - adding to the retro feel of the brand.

Cella Shaving Cream has carefully selected top secret (we like this!) ingredients ensure a high performance, frothy foam that moisturises and protects, allowing your safety razor to simply glide over your skin. With an almond scent that is good enough to eat (please don't!) this shaving cream from Cella will be the perfect Christmas treat.

10. Safety Razor Blades from £1.25

Treet Black Beauty Safety Razor Blades | Agent Shave | Wet Shaving Supplies UK

A real treat for any wet shaver, would be a selection of safety razor blades! Suitable for all safety razors and priced from only £1.25 a tuck, you could purchase a selection of razor blades for an excellent stocking filler. You never know, you could find a new favourite blade for them!

Order your stocking filler gift before 9am on Friday 18th December 2020 to ensure delivery for Christmas. All orders over £15 are FREE UK delivery.