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Artisan Shaving Bowl - Silver Grey

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Artisan Shaving Bowl - Silver Grey

A unique shaving bowl hand-crafted by UK artisan Maisy Plum and commissioned for Agent Shave, no other shaving bowl is of the same exquisite craftsmanship!

Materials: Copper, Enamel, Glass
Colour: Silver Grey
Size: Small. Approximate measurements 95mm diameter x 30mm depth or 3.5 inches diameter x 1.25 inches depth (palm sized)

This beautiful shaving bowl is a perfect addition for any shaver looking to add a dash of style to their bathroom décor.

Intended to be paired with a traditional shaving soap and shaving brush, each bowl is individually hand-crafted by UK artisan Joanna Pearce of MaisyPlum, commissioned exclusively for Agent Shave.

Enamelled in the artisan’s East Sussex studio, these shaving bowls all command distinct personalities through their vibrant tones and expert manufacture.

Joanna produces contemporary pieces using traditional techniques, with the process of enamelling itself being recorded as early as 13th century BC. Layers of powdered glass are applied to the copper bowl and heated to temperatures of up to 833° to fuse the materials.

On the final firing beaded glass is added to create a bobbled texture designed to help you achieve the perfect lather from your shaving soap.

The piece is palm sized, allowing you a good grip to easily build lather and load on to the face directly from the bowl.

Please note: Each shaving bowl is handmade and due to the artisan’s process and heat of the kiln will be a completely unique piece

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